Sun24 is a nonprofit that helps the poorest of poor in developing countries with cookstoves and solar lights.

The Problem

3 billion people cook over open-fires or barely contained cookstoves, usually with wood as their fuel.  The consequences are enormous:

  • 4 million people die each year due to smoke from cooking over open-fires – more than tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS combined..
  • In Africa, women and girls spend an average of 2 hours per day collecting firewood, exposing themselves to sexual assault.
  • Each open-fire cookstove gives off almost as many climate-damaging emissions as an average American passenger vehicle.

The Solution

Women can put crop waste (maize stalks, cassava stems, elephant grass …) into a hole and light the pile on top.  There will be less smoke and the file will burn without tending.  Most importantly, women can stop collecting firewood and use renewable crop waste.  And, they can make biochar to use as a fertilizer to improve their crop production while sequestering carbon.

Results So Far

Sun24 partners with the Catholic Church and farmer and self help group associations to train women to use the cooking hole and to make biochar for their farms.

We are currently training in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon and Malawi.  (November, 2021)

“I have 9 people to take care of. Being a large family, looking for firewood was a daily activity. When the children come back from school, they have to go and look for firewood as a daily routine. The first day when I tried the rock bed, miracles happened in my home. The small twigs collected for firewood could not be finished. Half of the heap remained to be used the following day.  It was unbelievable. Time for looking for firewood has been reduced to weekends, creating more time to children to read their books.”

Nanyanzi Hawa

Lugazi, Uganda

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