With the Sun24-funded project, our concept of using wood becomes more effective and reduces power consumption. This preserves our environment well.  Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si invites the preservation of the earth, “our common mother”.  Here is a letter from Bishop Felemou.
Bishop Emmanuel Felemou

KanKan Diocese, Guinea

I wish to urge everyone to adopt the use of 3 stone cooking stoves since they entail reduced health risks, less air pollution as well as contributing to efforts aimed at addressing the hefty challenge of climate change.

Archbishop Thaddaeus S. Ruwa’ichi

Dar Dar Es Salaam Archdiocese, President Caritas Tanzania, Tanzania

“Be responsible to what God has given us, we have abused creation and the consequences are clear to all of us. The efforts we are doing today is to become responsible caretakers of what God has given us,”   Archbishop J.B Kwofie told the women leaders at the launch of the Sun24 rock bed project.  (Accra, 21 August, 2019)

Archbishop J.B Kwofie

Accra Archdiocese, Ghana

“The Catholic Diocese of Kiyinda-Mityana is partnering with Sun24 to distribute thousands of solar lights to Ugandans without electricity.  The solar lights allow families to extinguish their filthy, dangerous and expensive kerosene lamps.  These solar lights have been a blessing to Ugandans of all faiths.  The program has mostly been piloted so far in Kiyinda-Mityana diocese with the expectations that it will be rolled out throughout Uganda.”

Bishop Joseph Zziwa

Kiyinda-Mityana Diocese, Uganda


“Thanks to you for your prompt response to the appeal in the Sun24 programme.  You have already made a great difference in the lives of those who have never seen a light lamp.  You have enabled them to dispel darkness.  I am grateful to you for helping my Diocese to become part of this Sun24 programme.  I pray that with your help we will be able help our poor people to see the world in a different manner.”

Bishop Ludovick Minde

Diocese of Kahama, Tanzania